What is AiStudio?

With AiStudio anyone can create a project, collect data and train a machine-learning model without the need to have any coding experience. Designed to simplify the data collection, training, and testing processes for creating machine learning models, AiStudio has an easy-to-follow visual wizard that guides you through step-by-step instructions for faster code-free development.

After training the models, they can be simply used to detect objects or to classify an image. AiStudio has multiple use cases, such as:

Image Classification vs Object Detection

Image classification and object detection are two different approaches when it comes to computer vision algorithms. With image classification, each image receives one label. The trained machine learning model is then able to classify images within the defined labels. Object detection, on the other hand, involves locating objects in an image, drawing a bounding box around each object of interest in the images and assigning at least one class label.

If you are wondering whether image classification or object detection works the best with your endeavour, here are two examples to help with your decision:

  • Image Classification: To inspect a wide variety of manufactured items for quality verification without human intervention, even when those items are cylindrical in shape, and inspection must be performed from a 360-degree perspective.
  • Object Detection: The ML Model detects the products on the shelves and could be used for real-time checks for product availability and requests immediately for out-of-stock products.