In Frontline Creator, it is possible to preview workflows before publishing them.

Note: The users for both Frontline Creator tool and Frontline Workplace application must have a Developer role.

Previewing a workflow

To preview a workflow on smart glasses:

1. Sign in to the Frontline Workplace application.

2. On the Home Screen, select Preview Mode so that the smart glasses will be discoverable.

3. On the Creator Menu Bar, click on Debug device and find here all devices that are currently available for preview.

4. Select the desired smart glasses from the dropdown list.

Note:  If your device does not appear on the list even though you activated the preview mode, make sure that the device has an active internet connection. 

5. Click on the Preview button (▷) next to the dropdown menu or use the shortcut Ctrl + P .

⇒ The preview starts immediately on the smart glasses and you get a notification in Frontline Creator.