Sign Detection enables the Web Expert to detect safety signs in the video stream. When one or more signs are detected, the expert is able to see the list of all the recognized signs. The Frontline Worker also gets a notification informing them about which signs were detected.

When a sign is detected, Frontline Expert will be notified as shown below:

When a sign is detected, Frontline Worker will be notified as shown below:

Currently Supported Signs

The work safety signs conform to ISO 7010 Standards. Currently, only a subset of all signs are supported, but the expert can select a few signs from each category. The signs which can be detected so far are:

Signs and Categories

Electric, Explosion, Fall, Flammable, Forklift, General, Oxidizing, Radioactive, Slippery

Fire, Forklift, General, Smoking, Standing, Step on, Walking, Wearable

Mandatory Ear, Mandatory Hands, Mandatory Head

Emergency Exit Left, Emergency Exit Right, Evacuation Point, First Aid


Use Case

In some cases, Frontline Expert would like to bring the Frontline Worker's attention to safety conditions while they are walking through the warehouse, or approaching a machine to work on. Instead of communicating all the signs they come across, the expert can easily enable the sign detection feature and get real-time updates regarding the safety conditions.

Also, the expert does not need to explain what each sign means. Since the Frontline Worker can see the text that tells what the sign represents on the screen of their device.