Uploading the Workflow to the Device

Now that we have Spatial Workplace installed and logged in, we need to get our workflow from the Editor into Workplace. 

In the Editor on the upper bar, there is the Export workflow button. Click on the dropdown arrow and choose Export Workflow to FCC. If the workflow is not already saved to your computer yet, the Editor will give you a prompt to save before starting with the export.

The workflow we created is now being uploaded to the Frontline Command Center (FCC). This online platform not only manages your users but also how your workflows are distributed to users. 

The Editor will automatically do all the steps necessary to make this workflow appear on the devices logged in with the same user account that uploaded the workflow. So at the end of the upload, you should already be able to see the workflow being downloaded on Spatial Workplace.

To learn more about what the Editor did in the background to assign the workflow to your user, or to assign the workflow to other users as well, read the article Export a workflow to a device.

Viewing the Workflow on the device

After exporting the workflow, it is downloaded and ready to run in the Frontline Workplace app, under the Templates option. All the workflow templates and tasks created and uploaded are displayed in the two respective lists on the app.

Note: These lists will be there on any device where the user is logged in with the same account.

Tap on the workflow to open it. Overlay the virtual pump over the real one and wait until the scanning is finished. The virtual object should be placed from the same distance and at the same angle as the object tracker has in the workflow in the Editor. In case the object tracked has the dynamic initial pose option enabled, the user can also rotate and bring the virtual object closer or further before scanning the real-life object.

After the scanning, the workflow we created is available to run with all its content in Mixed Reality. To navigate between the pins, click Done or Back on mobile devices and Air tap or use these as voice commands on HoloLens

In this tutorial, the user has learned how to download the Spatial Editor, import a model, create a workflow, download Spatial Workplace, and upload a workflow to the viewing devices. There are more things to explore with Spatial - like adding media content to pins, using different tracking, and many other features.

Get more information on all functionalities of the Frontline Spatial from our Spatial Workplace.