Frontline Command Center

  • Added: User can now access Docsportal directly via FCC
  • Added: Scanner PDF’s for Hyco W27 and W28
  • Fixed: Issue where “Download APK” button was not visible
  • Fixed: Issue where users were unable to delete a custom role
  • Fixed: Issue where image zoom slider was not correctly positioned in Custom Themes

Frontline Creator

  • Added: External Cameras can now be added into workflows
  • Added: AI Component to detect if the worker is wearing a helmet or not
  • Improved: Expression Editor when Boolean values are applied
  • Fixed: Issue where PDF report component was not functioning
  • Fixed: Issue where UI margins were irregular for modals
  • Fixed: Issue where user was not able to change debug device in preview mode


  • Added: User gets call notifications when the browser window is minimized
  • Added: Description field for conference calls and service requests
  • Improved: Warning signal messages are now gender neutral
  • Improved: Duration of call is now exported in the HH:MM:SS format
  • Fixed: Issue where user was unable to view horizontal PDFs
  • Fixed: Issue where incoming call notification was still popping up after joining the call
  • Fixed: Issue where chat messages were not being translated to Chinese for Web Expert
  • Fixed: Issue where call recording could not be deleted
  • Fixed: Issue where UI had irregular margins
  • Fixed: Issue where deleting an entry from call list was making the page unresponsive
  • Fixed: Issue where “Take Snapshot” button was not visible
  • Fixed: Issue where annotations on PDF files were being slightly cut off
  • Fixed: Issue where video stream could not be switched to external camera

xInspect, xMake and xPick

  • Fixed: Issue where on assigning users to a task, user list disappeared
  • Improved: UI/UX change with download button and error messages

Frontline Workplace for Smart Glasses

  • Added: Support for Epson BT-35E solution pack
  • Added: Support for Partitalia Discovery Mini RFID Scanner
  • Added: Support for Hyco W27, Hyco W28 and Hyco W28-LD Scanners
  • Added: Support for Hyco W563 Smartwatch
  • Added: Support for Zebra HD 4000 + TC57
  • Added: In-call voice commands for Vuzix Devices
  • Added: Option to hide offline contacts
  • Added: Screen turns off automatically after certain period of inactivity
  • Added: Bluetooth support in Frontline for Vuzix devices
  • Fixed: Issue where recorded media files were not being uploaded
  • Fixed: Issue where voice commands would stop working after returning from sleep mode in HMT-1

Frontline Workplace for Android Smart Phone

  • Fixed: Issue where ended call were restarting in background after change in orientation

Frontline Workplace for iOS

  • Fixed: Issue where user was not able to hang up a call
  • Fixed: Issue where guest username was not being saved

Frontline Workplace for Windows

  • Added: HoloLens-2 user can now see the web expert’s pointer during a call
  • Added: HoloLens-2 user can send chat messages during a call
  • Fixed: Issue where screen sharing was showing black screen for HoloLens-2 users
  • Fixed: Issue where chat window was not closing when call ended for HoloLens-2 users
  • Fixed: Issue where sometimes web expert’s video stream was not visible for HoloLens-2 users
  • Fixed: Issue where user was unable able to initiate or receive calls
  • Fixed: Issue where uploaded media was not visible under Task list
  • Fixed: Issue where web expert was unable to send messages to devices through Device Monitoring
  • Fixed: Issue where on starting a new whiteboard the previous annotations were not cleared
  • Fixed: Issue where the checklist component was not allowing users to select options and save them