Frontline Command Center 

  • Upcoming: Improved user experience for Error Reporting


  • Added: Resend Invitation to notify invited call participants during an ongoing call 
  • Added: Support for Japanese characters in Service Report pdf
  • Improved: Out-of-call user experience for Web Experts
  • Improved: Caption displayed on chat for scan text capture
  • Fixed: Issue where at times Service Report could not be downloaded if the Expert deleted snapshots during the call
  • Fixed: Issue where participants name did not appear while editing a scheduled call
  • Fixed: Issue where sometimes exporting Service Reports right after changing its status did not comprise the latest status
  • Fixed: Issue where audio files uploaded during xAssist call could not be deleted
  • Upcoming: Web Experts will be able to place AR markers and use freehand drawing
  • Upcoming: Call Management instead of Phonebook will be set as default for new On-Premise installations
  • Upcoming: Improved user experience for conference calls

xMake / xInspect 

  • Improved: Improved user experience for Templates overview
  • Improved: Task Templates can be filtered by tags 
  • Improved: Improved user experience for Edit Task

Frontline Creator

  • Fixed: Issue where language changes in Creator did not apply globally

Frontline Workplace for SmartGlasses 

  • Improved: External Scanners can now scan codes comprising up to 2048 characters
  • Fixed: Issue where camera stream could not be swapped using voice command Switch Camera

Frontline Workplace for Android SmartPhone

  • Added: Users will be able to use the improved AR Marker feature during calls

Frontline Workplace for iOS

  • Added: Users will be able to use the improved AR Marker feature during calls

Frontline Spatial

  • Improved: User experience for direct uploads