Frontline Command Center

  • Improved: Search mechanism in Contact List
  • Improved: Custom filter user experience
  • Fixed: Issue where Frontline service started with database error
  • Fixed: Issue where Login QR Codes could not be generated
  • Fixed: Issue where key cloak did not work correctly on multi-domain servers
  • Upcoming: Error Reporting will have Search functionality, faster loading, and Device ID


  • Added: Ability to configure call quality for an ongoing call by selecting optimized, quality, or balanced
  • Improved: Shared screen is not put as a primary video stream in live view
  • Improved: Ability to start scheduled calls immediately after creation
  • Improved: Call expiration date is removed on immediate calls
  • Improved: Call history export now contains Title and Description of the calls
  • Fixed: Issue where custom filter in Call History according to date did not work as expected
  • Fixed: Issue where Show Event logs in Call Details did not load the events
  • Fixed: Issue where Guest-user located in Japan cannot join a call with an invitation link via Web Browser
  • Fixed: Issue where creating a new group gave an error
  • Fixed: Issue where accessing Call Details changed the start time of the call in Call History
  • Upcoming: Detailed Quality Graphs will be available on the Debug mode accessible by Web Expert during an ongoing call
  • Upcoming: Users can edit, copy and delete planned calls
  • Upcoming: Improved SMS and Email notifications
  • Upcoming: During a call, experts will be able to caption images and simplify the call documentation


  • Improved: Performance issues when processing multiple picking events

xMake / xInspect

  • Fixed: Issue where it was not possible to export Task List in XLSX format

Frontline Workplace for SmartGlasses

  • Improved: French language support
  • Improved: Ability to start scheduled calls immediately after creation
  • Upcoming: Error reports will be stored locally while the device is offline and synchronized later with network access

Frontline Workplace for Android SmartPhone

  • Improved: Ability to start scheduled calls immediately after creation
  • Upcoming: Incoming call notifications will be visible on the lock screen

Frontline Workplace for iOS

  • Fixed: Issue where an incoming call is automatically rejected and ends the ongoing call

Frontline Spatial

  • Upcoming: Available previews of the objects to be scanned for tracking tasks
  • Upcoming: Animated screens will be shown when searching for tasks and when no task is available
  • Upcoming: "Spatial Object Tracking Add-On" license assignment will be required for the Frontline Command Center User
  • Upcoming: Object-tracking license will not be needed in the Editor project
  • Upcoming: Toast notifications will be added to the Live Editor for autosave and workflow uploads