Frontline Command Center

  • Added: Confirmation dialog prompt for deletion of Roles
  • Added: Possibility to export selected devices from Device Management
  • Fixed: Issue where the Forgot Password required a double-click
  • Fixed: Issue where avatar for a few users was missing from Group member list in Call Management
  • Fixed: Issue where the Logo could not be updated in Custom Themes
  • Fixed: Issue where the search functionality in Device Monitoring was not working

Frontline Creator

  • Added: Bar code scan component
  • Improved: PDF Report preview in Advanced Mode
  • Fixed: Issue where buttons via transition property panel could not be updated
  • Fixed: Issue where the Scan Command transition was not being saved
  • Fixed: Issue where the numbering in Checklist component was not in order


  • Added: AI Safety Sign Detection in xAssist Calls
  • Improved: Search Functionality for Call Titles
  • Fixed: Issue where the user avatars were not being shown in Call Management
  • Fixed: Issue where service report PDF generation fails when there was change in media
  • Fixed: Issue where the call was crashing after connecting a USB Video device in it
  • Fixed: Issue where users were unable to join Active Conference Calls
  • Fixed: Issue where for guest users switching camera was causing microphone to mute

xInspect, xMake and xPick

  • Fixed: Issue where the Scanner PDF for Hyco W26 and ProGlove Mark 2 was not being generated

Frontline Workplace for Smart Glasses

  • Added: Support for ROKID Glass 2
  • Fixed: Issue where the Whiteboard shows drawings from the previous sharing

Frontline Workplace for iOS

  • Fixed: Issue where the call settings for Camera/Mic were not being applied properly

Frontline Workplace for Windows

  • Added: Chinese simplified is now fully supported for Windows