TeamViewer Application General Information

Product Information

Full name of the application and its version integrated with SAP cloud solution

TeamViewer Frontline 4.15

Product web page 

TeamViewer integration & SAP cloud and Other Solutions

  • SAP Service and Asset Manager (min version: 2105)
  • Other: SAP Document Management Service (DMS)

All file names included in the application that are required for integration with SAP Cloud Solutions

  • Frontline Command Center and Connector 
  • Modification to MobileService + Metadata changes (via CIM, available as a zip file)

Technical Documentation

Architecture Diagram is a high-level diagram that constitutes TeamViewer solution and required SAP components including interfaces used. It is mandatory and included in SI enablement package as a separate file 

SAP APIs used by TeamViewer solution:

DMS, Integration Option API:

Authentication: Request JWT from the authentication endpoint (using client credentials /basic authentication)

CMIS Requests (Browser Binding):
Access Repository using JWT authentication (Bearer Token).

Functional Overview

Supported Functions and Business Processes – General Description

Scope of integration

 xAssist and xInspect integration is visible to users via an extension (CIM) of the SAM mobile application where we have added extra menus/options.

For xAssist we added a menu option to initiate xAssist calls from the SAM mobile app.

We can create any required logic on which Expert the call is routed to, using SAP data (e.g. based on which asset is being repaired, who the Technician is, the Team he belongs etc.)

For xInspect we seamlessly generate a QR code in the SAM mobile app that can be scanned by the smart glasses to start the right AR Workflow for the equipment the Technician is maintaining.

All reports are again uploaded to the SAP DMS system (or can be any other system)

Customer benefits

  • Fully Customized UI: We have built the extension using SAP Fiori and we can easily create different UI options for each customer, meaning they can control what menus they would like to show.
  • Fully Customized Business Logic: The fact that we have access to all SAP WO data, means that we can create fully tailored processes on how xAssist calls and AR inspection workflows are built into the customer's scenarios.
  • Automatic documentation: All data from the xAssist calls and xInspect reports are stored at the SAP DMS system by default, which can be extended to any On-Prem or 3rd party storage systems.

Business Processes 

The diagram below shows how Frontline integration to SAM can support customers in specific business processes:

Product Implementation

Programming languages and tools TeamViewer is using for integration:

  • JavaScript
  • Java/J2EE/EE Application
  • SAP BTP Business Application Studio 
  • And others with the TypeScript provide a name.

The product runs on the JavaVM server platform.

TeamViewer has a SAP BTP/Cloud Platform account. 

SAP BTM/Cloud Platform Services uses:

  • DMS: Integration option
  • BTP Kyma
  • Mobile Services

Identity and Access Management 

User Authentication Method 

User is not authenticated by the integration but leverages the existing authentication from BTP to obtain access.

Note: DMS is accessed by service accounts, not by users.

Integration with SAP SSAM 

Device and OS Information

OS Supported:

  • Android (minimum version: 9.x)

Supported form factors:

  • Smart glasses
  • Phones
  • Tablets

Used programming languages and SDKs for mobile app development:

  • TypeScript
  • MDK