The Embedded agent is writing its logfile in /var/log/teamviewer-iot-agent/teamviewer-iot-agent_logfile.log

Further information about the current package is available at /etc/defaults/teamviewer-iot-agent.conf

A – The agent is not starting

After the installation, it is mandatory to approve the EULA of TeamViewer. As long as the EULA is not accepted, the Embedded agent will not start.

Although you might have called

service teamviewer_iot_agent start

and the info file shows that the Embedded agent is online, even so the output of the start command shows

Starting teamviewer_iot_agent

The log file will also indicate the missing EULA acceptance with an entry of the format:

2021/11/29 09:50:05.555 8794 100830 0!! [Beehive] EULA not accepted. Aborting., Errorcode=2

The EULA has to be accepted via:

/usr/local/libexec/teamviewer-iot-agent/teamviewer-iot-agent eula

Or, if it should be done programmatically without user interaction:

/usr/local/libexec/teamviewer-iot-agent/teamviewer-iot-agent eula -y

B – File transfer is not available

The file transfer is deactivated by default in our FreeBSD package.

It can be activated via the FileTransferAccessControl setting in the agent.conf. Further description can be found on File Transfer on FreeBSD.

C – After an update of the agent, the new behavior/changes are not visible.

On FreeBSD it is expected that the administrator is performing the switch of the loaded binaries. This means, that during the update process, a running Embedded agent is not stopped and a the new one is loaded. This has to be done by the administrator.

To solve this issue, simply restart the Embedded agent via:

service teamviewer_iot_agent