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4 Challenges That Will Define IT Support Success Going Forward

Companies increasingly find their people, processes, and entire businesses model dependent on anywhere access to and anywhere support of many types of machines, devices, and systems that must run smoothly 24/7 from various locations. In response, many companies are transitioning towards a new support service setup. Read on to better understand the global trends that are causing companies to rethink their service support setup – and learn which four main challenges IT operations must address in this process.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Download “Cracked” Versions of TeamViewer

Effortlessly getting a “free” version of your favourite software online sounds great. But as we will show you in this article, there is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to manipulated applications. Quite the opposite, downloading and using “cracks”, despite being illegal, comes with a lot of security risks for you and your company.

Increasing Smart Glasses Adoption among Automotive Frontline Workers

We all know that Augmented Reality (AR) is on everybody’s lips nowadays. But honestly, what would AR be today if it weren’t for smart devices? Probably still the futuristic concept that we all dreamt about when we were watching “The Jetsons” back in the day. Although we are not there yet with the flying cars part, technologies like smart glasses have the potential to change the automotive industry quite significantly, especially when it comes to frontline workers.

AI-Supported Assistance Systems Foster Vocational Rehabilitation

KI.ASSIST (“AI.ASSIST”) research project successfully evaluates assistance systems supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase the occupational participation of people with various disabilities. [By Lisa Gruber] [...]

AI and Wearables Enable Efficient and Safe Workflows in the Industrial Sector

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the industrial sector is becoming more and more of a reality. In fact, industrial work processes can hardly do without digital support these days. This includes wearables such as smart glasses powered by Augmented Reality (AR) that guide skilled personnel in maintenance, servicing, and other tasks. With AI-powered wearables, work processes become even more efficient and safer.

What Manufacturing Companies Stand to Gain from IT/OT Convergence

In the past, Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) developed separately. Their standards and protocols, processes, network architecture, and business priorities were entirely different, causing IT and OT teams to work in silos with little interdepartmental coordination. With the transition towards a convergence of IT and OT, this is all changing.

How AR and AI Help Solve the Constant Onboarding Challenge in the Food Industry

Today’s food industry faces several essential challenges, including a very high employee turnover, stringent hygiene regulations, and fierce competition. This all translates into a distinct need for super-efficient onboarding and training. Modern technologies offer a solution that can cut onboarding and training time in half while enjoying great user acceptance.  

Ever Heard Of RMM? Remote Monitoring and Management Explained

As the ongoing process of digitization continues, the ability to remotely manage devices is becoming increasingly important. For MSPs, RMM is an indispensable tool for protecting the IT systems of different customers. This means that finding the right RMM system for your business is crucial.

5 Use Cases of e-Signature in Banking

In banking, e-Signature is an important aspect of the digital business strategy. This is because financial institutions are interested in removing paper from their business processes. There is no doubt that this approach can accelerate digital transformation.

8 Ways to Create an Exciting Customer Engagement Strategy

Every year, companies invest a lot of time, money and energy in their marketing strategies: Hosting events, being active on social media and trying to give their customers the best experience possible. With all this effort, it’s no wonder you want to keep the customers you have acquired. To make that happen, you should keep an eye on overall customer engagement.

The Role of Warehousing in Today’s Connected World

Do you know what warehousing is? It is the way of storing and distributing goods. But it is also one of the hottest topics right now because warehousing is crucial to businesses in a connected world.

10 Tips on How to Strengthen the Customer Relationship in Banking

Good customer service for banking is crucial to the success of a financial services provider. Banks with the best possible customer service not only regularly win new customers, but they offer them an outstanding customer experience.

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