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An Introduction to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Everything In Between

What are the differences between “augmented reality” (AR), “virtual reality” (VR), and “mixed reality” (MR)? And, more importantly, how can these technologies help workers?


How to Keep Unattended Access Secure

The key to secure unattended access is ensuring only authorized people can connect to those devices. How? With these five best practices.


Tablets as Laptop Replacements for Remote Work? Sure, Here’s How.

For most professionals, a modern tablet is worth consideration as a replacement for a traditional work device. And for those use cases where a tablet alone can’t do the job, there’s TeamViewer remote access.


Two-Factor Authentication Gives You an Added Layer of Security for Each TeamViewer Connection Request

We’ve brought two-factor authentication to TeamViewer at the connection level as another way to make certain your remote access and control solution is as secure as possible.


How Single Sign-On Instantly Enhances Remote Access Security – And Why That Matters

When integrated with single sign-on, remote access can be more secure and streamlined, but only if your remote access solution integrates with your SSO provider.


The TeamViewer Integration with Microsoft Intune Adds a New Dimension to Device Support

Among a growing ecosystem of Microsoft Intune partners, only TeamViewer offers an integration that provides remote access and support seamlessly from the Intune environment.


How to Choose the Right Smart Glasses for Frontline Workers

More companies are discovering the advantages of using smart glasses and augmented reality. But the crucial first step is choosing the right model of smart glasses. Here's how.


5 Tips for Securing Your Online Meetings

Using an online meeting solution with the right security features and applying these best practices will help keep uninvited eavesdroppers out of private business conversations.


The First to Offer Native Support for Apple Silicon, TeamViewer Is Even Better on the New M1 Mac

Apple's latest computers with their new chip architecture represent a major step forward in computing, and TeamViewer is right there with early support.


Making Remote Support of Things an Everyday Reality with Augmented Reality

We can never be everywhere we want to be, but using AR to supplement your support strategy can extend the reach of skilled workers, enabling you to support anything, anywhere.


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