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TeamViewer Tensor

Engineered for enterprise

The 360° cloud-based remote connectivity solution built for scale, productivity, and security.


What is TeamViewer Tensor?

TeamViewer Tensor is your 360° cloud-based remote connectivity solution for all PCs, phones, headless devices, OT machinery, and embedded platforms in your enterprise — both on-site and across the globe.


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Engineered for enterprise

Enterprise integrations package

Enterprise-grade security

Security and risk management leaders need to protect the ever-expanding attack surface.

Cyberattacks are on the rise with enterprises, and maintaining a strong and cohesive security defense is made even harder with risk factors such as:

  • Device diversity
  • Borderless offices
  • Disparate digital ecosystems
  • Distributed workforce
  • External vendors
  • Third-party contractors

Learn how companies like yours can manage the requirements of their remote and mobile workforce — all while providing a secure and compliant support experience that is accessible anywhere, anytime.



Our solutions

Organizations are leveraging the power of remote connectivity to provide staff the support they need to stay on top of their work. And happy employees mean happy customers. Unlock the power and potential of remote connectivity in your organization today.

Tensor Support

Secure, scalable enterprise support solution for all your IT and embedded devices.

Tensor Work

Work happens where the employee is – whether they are in the office, remote, or on the move.

Tensor Embedded

Enhance your after-sales experience by enabling your in-house technicians to train, assist, and support your customers in an effective, efficient, and agile manner.

Tensor Assist AR

Provide a seamless 360° remote support with AR-based capabilities to resolve on-site issues with ease.

Tensor Support for enterprises

Secure, efficient remote support

From IT to IoT to OT: support all devices in your IT infrastructure to help your employees, stakeholders, or partners. See their screen, fix issues directly on their device, and troubleshoot issues for users in real-time in their day-to-day operations.

TeamViewer Tensor Support offers not just device-to-device support, but a central dashboard to monitor, manage, and access devices across your enterprise.


Benefits of Tensor Support

  • Deliver a seamless customer and employee support experience
  • Enable faster issue resolution in a secure, scalable manner
  • Ensure higher customer and employee satisfaction as well as stronger brand loyalty and retention
  • Enhance your customer service with secure next-gen support for mobile apps and through web-based sessions via browsers

Tensor Work for enterprises

Seamless remote access

From traditional office to remote to work-on-the-move: enable your workforce with an easy-to-use and secure access solution that empowers them to be as efficient, effective, and productive as possible. This is especially relevant for companies that have a hybrid workplace strategy and a growing remote workforce.

TeamViewer Tensor Work lets any mobile workforce stay productive by getting access to their PCs at work from wherever they are – while you stay in control.


Benefits of Tensor Work

  • Enable immersive and easy-to-use remote access to your employees from anywhere
  • Ensure faster time-to-deploy across your organization in no time with mass deployment
  • Maintain privacy and discretion through dedicated secure remote work features
  • Secure your remote access and work experience with integrated next-gen endpoint protection powered by Malwarebytes

Tensor Embedded for enterprises and OEMs

Secure attended access and remote support for embedded devices

From IT to embedded devices: provide end-to-end encrypted remote support for any embedded device or machine with or without an operator, to reduce downtime and on-site repair costs. Enable support agents and technicians to instantly resolve and troubleshoot faults for field assets and devices from a remote location in near real time.

TeamViewer Tensor Embedded offers comprehensive, device-to-device support and a central dashboard to monitor, manage, and access embedded devices across your digitalized value chain.


Benefits of Tensor Embedded

  • Allocate resources far more effectively and efficiently, lowering travel expenses and reducing technician fatigue to a large extent
  • Improve service efficiency and reduce device downtime with rapid ROI
  • Reduce incidental costs and offer attractive SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to improve customer experience and brand loyalty
  • Leverage remote connectivity to meet your digital transformation goals

Tensor Assist AR for enterprises

Solve problems faster with AR remote support

Enhanced issue resolution from first-level to second-level: see what the technician on-site sees and collaborate for faster problem resolution in real-time. Take advantage of our 360° remote support, combining embedded device fixes with augmented reality visual assistance to solve any hardware issue — from anywhere in the world.

TeamViewer Tensor Assist AR gives expert technicians the power to solve problems remotely using simple but intuitive features such as object tagging and document sharing and much more.


Benefits of AR assistance

  • Enable your onsite service technicians and customers to get direct assistance on their smartphones from experienced technicians guiding them remotely through an immersive AR experience
  • Lower travel costs by replacing on-site visits with remote expert help for service – while maintaining secure sessions powered by the TeamViewer global access network
  • Increase productivity and knowledge transfer for technical repairs and maintenance or provide approval for inspections from a central location instead of time consuming on-site visits
  • Achieve better first-time-fix rates and boost customer satisfaction by delivering an exceptional service

What does enterprise remote connectivity help you achieve

TeamViewer lets you be more responsive to the needs of employees and third-party vendors across the value chain. Stay ahead in a hyper-competitive marketplace and ensure your employees receive real-time support so they can do their best work — anywhere, anytime.

  • Scale

    • Scale your support operations with confidence
    • Support your end users and their growing needs on a day-to-day basis
    • Secure your scale with endpoint protection and remote management capabilities
  • Manage

    • Manage large fleets of devices and secure your IT infrastructure with ease
    • Stay on top of devices, peripherals, and networks with active monitoring
    • Manage the growing scale of devices across locations and time zones
  • Secure

    • Provide end-to-end encrypted support — attended, unattended access — to any device or machine
    • Ensure your employees stay productive and supported whether they are working at home, remotely, or on the move
    • Prevent unauthorized connections and ensure access is based on permissions and company policies
  • Integrate

    • Leverage existing applications such as CRM and UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) using TeamViewer integrations
    • Improve issue resolution time and increase efficiency with TeamViewer Integration Suite
    • Reduce costs and integrate industry-leading remote access and support into existing applications and platforms

Why TeamViewer Tensor

360° security for your enterprise

Tensor is built with enterprise-grade security in mind to give you full control over every incoming and outgoing connection.

Even wider remote device support

Tensor allows remote support across all user scenarios and device types to ensure all your enterprise devices are covered.

Scale as your business expands

As your business grows, Tensor is ready to grow with you. Scale up by providing support from mobile devices to traditional PCs to IoT devices.

Governance and compliance

TeamViewer Tensor provides you with a 360° auditing and logging functionality, so you can track all activity performed on any device. This helps protect you from abusive claims and makes your business more compliant.

Classical IT and extended OT use cases

Companies that have a large digital footprint can leverage TeamViewer Tensor for both their classical IT support needs and emerging OT support for embedded devices.

Simplify and make your support experiences intuitive

Instantly add remote support and remote access capabilities to any enterprise ITSM application with the TeamViewer Integration Suite.

Enterprise remote connectivity use cases

TeamViewer Professional Services

Unlock the potential of TeamViewer Tensor today

Leverage our expertise in deploying TeamViewer Tensor across your organization. Enable your IT departments to deliver industry-leading support experiences today.

  • Best practices review
  • Admin training
  • License set-up
  • User provisioning

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