Feature Spotlight — Co-Browsing

Deliver the Best Online Customer Support, 24/7

Empower support teams to offer seamless real-time remote support for your website users with secure co-browsing and comprehensive chat technology.

Feature Spotlight — Co-Browsing

Deliver the Best Online Customer Support for Your Website

Support customers directly from your mobile apps, without accessing the
entire mobile device

With TeamViewer Tensor Co-Browsing, your support teams can see the active web page your customers are on to help them instantly — without requiring any software installation or exposing sensitive data.

TeamViewer Tensor: Co-Browsing

Optimized for desktop and mobile web, TeamViewer Tensor co-browsing enables you to offer secure, real-time remote customer support for your company websites — without granting access to customer computers or mobile devices.

  • Increase efficiency by replacing confusing “back-and-forth” support calls with real-time co-browsing support
  • Improve customer service by answering support questions faster and more accurately
  • Provide seamless remote support without requiring customers to download or install any software to receive help
  • Ensure customer privacy as all personal data is automatically masked or hidden


Support agents can see the screens of customers, accessing the active web browser tab only — not the entire device and sensitive data is automatically greyed out.

Customers can share their screens to show their active web browser tab without granting access to their personal devices.

Live Chat

With TeamViewer Tensor live chat, customers can get help from support agents while browsing your website.

Support teams can provide real-time online help, answering questions while they’re using your website.

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