Feature Spotlight Conditional Access

Enforce Remote Access Rights to Prevent Unauthorized Activities and Align With Security Policies

Control TeamViewer usage and access rights throughout your organization using a rules engine you configure within the Management Console. This conditional access provides an additional layer of security for your corporate network.

Enabling Features

Centralized Control

With TeamViewer Tensor™ Conditional Access, enterprise IT and security managers can maintain company-wide oversight of TeamViewer access and usage from a single location.

  • Centralized rules management within the Management Console
  • Assign permissions for remote session, file transfer, and meeting connections
  • Configure rules at the account, group, or device level
  • Cloud-based solution that provides greater flexibility than an on-premise approach
  • Dedicated infrastructure is managed and serviced by TeamViewer
  • Supports Windows and macOS


How It Works

To activate Conditional Access, you simply need to define rules in the Management Console based on account, group, or device. This central and global rule management is independent from the device configuration and provides you with the ability to block or authorize usage within your corporate network or from outside locations.

  1. To establish connections, each customer is assigned dedicated hardware within TeamViewer infrastructure that no other customers can access.
  2. TeamViewer Tensor™ Conditional Access blocks all TeamViewer access by default to maintain the highest security levels. You can set up your custom access rules within the Management Console to align with your company’s security standards.
  3. Once the setup is complete, all connection attempts flow through the dedicated hardware and rule engine. Unauthorized users or devices will not be able to connect anymore.
  4. The engine will allow connections based on the rules you have set up. If a rule cannot be found, it will not allow connections to be established.

Overall, you gain full control over remote connections within your corporate environment. This TeamViewer TensorTM functionality helps you tighten up your security by allowing access and connections to only authorized users or devices, consequently preventing data leaks, risky behavior, and minimizing risks.

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