Feature Spotlight  Device-Agnostic Remote Access

Flexible Compatibility Across All Major Platforms and Operating Systems for Remote Access to and from Computers and Mobile Devices

Apple products. Android devices. Windows computers and smartphones. Linux machines. BlackBerry phones. You name it, TeamViewer Tensor™ supports all major brands, all kinds of devices, running on various operating systems. When you need to access computers, phones, and tablets remotely, TeamViewer Tensor™ provides everything you need to connect securely and get things done. Faster.

Enabling Features

TeamViewer Tensor™: Device-Agnostic Remote Access

Whatever platform, device, or operating system you and your teams use, with TeamViewer Tensor™, you can remotely access any desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, across all major platforms and operating systems:

Cross-Platform Compatibility. Mix It Up, Access Any Device, from Any Device.

TeamViewer Tensor™ is built to work the way you do. On-the-go, at home, or on your workstation, you can use TeamViewer Tensor™ to connect quickly and securely to different devices, for remote access you can count on. Mix it up, access any device, from any device:

  • Desktop to desktop
  • Desktop to mobile
  • Mobile to desktop
  • Mobile to mobile
  • Windows to Mac
  • Mac to Windows

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