Feature Spotlight – Multitenancy

Simplify Enterprise-Wide Implementation of TeamViewer Tensor

Feature Spotlight – Multitenancy

Simplify Enterprise-Wide Implementation of TeamViewer Tensor

Large enterprises often have a decentralized organizational structure with different divisions, subentities, or subsidiaries. For enterprises with service providers supporting employees as well as customers, they can use different TeamViewer licenses for each sub-organization, while still maintaining a complete overview of the used and unused licenses and endpoints.

TeamViewer Tensor multitenancy makes it easier to manage a decentralized IT infrastructure and simplify the implementation of TeamViewer products across your enterprise.

TeamViewer Tensor Multitenancy

TeamViewer Tensor Multitenancy enables you to centrally manage TeamViewer products and licenses across your entire company. For managed service providers (MSP), this makes it easy and convenient to monitor available and unavailable devices/endpoints across client accounts, while managing all TeamViewer licenses in one place.

  • Improve administration and license management with an at-a-glance overview of every TeamViewer license, total endpoints, and all available devices across each suborganization
  • Manage divisions, subentities, and accounts by delegating and administering devices, users, and licenses as a company IT administrator
  • Centralize your TeamViewer Tensor implementation, while separating multiple IT organizations into subentities, allowing sub-administrators to monitor available endpoints and licenses of sub-organizations, not the entire enterprise

Manage your TeamViewer product licenses and endpoints across your entire company.

Set up a parent company organization with different subentities or subsidiaries.

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