Empower Your Employees to Work From Anywhere, At Any Time

Global work travel, offsite meetings, or just working from home: give your team access to corporate network files and systems, without requiring traditional VPN.

It’s a global workplace and companies have gotten used to a distributed workforce working together from the farthest corners of our planet. However, for employees who travel a lot and are working from remote locations, VPN connectivity often leads to frustration and limited productivity.

Supported by a blazing-fast global network, TeamViewer Tensor™ secure remote access tools enable your team to directly connect to computers and servers within your corporate network, from anywhere at any time. This connection requires a basic mobile internet service and is more stable and effective than your regular VPN. It allows direct desktop access to the computers and servers inside your workplace, as well as remote file access, remote printing and more — all within the bounds of your network’s security protocols.

Completely Secure, Blazing-Fast Remote Connectivity Based on Each Employee’s Network Access Rights

TeamViewer Tensor™ completely changes the paradigm of remote connectivity by allowing you to assign appropriate user access rights to employees so they can get full desktop access to their work computers and network servers, right from their mobile devices or laptop computers.

With cross-platform support for MacOS, Linux, and multiple Windows versions, TeamViewer Tensor™ offers your enterprise the flexibility to provide remote support and remote access to employees, no matter where they are or what operating system they’re using.

Engineered with cloud-based network compression and end-to-end encryption with 256-bit RSA keys and complete integration with your company’s Active Directory or SAML identity provider, TeamViewer Tensor™ enables your team to reach their desktop computers or servers inside your firewall securely from anywhere, using any internet-connected laptop or just their handheld mobile devices running the TeamViewer app.

Away from the office with urgent work to address? Just resolve issues from your phone.

Being able to work when traveling and having the ability to respond and attend to emergencies during time off has become a base requirement of the technology ecosystem and workforce. However, many times we find ourselves in remote locations with weak, unsecured internet connectivity, with just our phones handy. Just having access to email is not enough in many situations.

The days of using shared computers in hotel lobbies or worrying about unsecured WiFi connectivity are over. You can now use a saved shortcut on your TeamViewer Mobile app to connect to computers inside the corporate network in seconds. And right from your mobile phone, you can perform a full range of desktop functions to resolve IT issues or help with any urgent work.

Our mobile app supports iOS, Android, and Windows mobile phones and installs in minutes.

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