Feature Spotlight — User Groups and Roles

Automate User Life Cycle Management saving time and effort with User Groups and Roles

Enable large scale IT groups, departments, and organizations spread over vast geographies and time zones, and easily manage and support a distributed workforce — anytime, anywhere.

Centrally manage the entire user life cycle and reduce manual processes with automated tools to create users for initial company onboarding, move users to different groups as roles and permissions change, and delete users for efficient offboarding.

TeamViewer Tensor: User Groups and Roles

TeamViewer Tensor with User Groups and Roles enables IT organizations to ensure the right roles and permissions are assigned to the right end users and administrator groups, securely and efficiently.

With built-in automated features and bulk editing capabilities, User Groups and Roles helps eliminate repetitive, manual end user management tasks to save time and effort, especially for resource-constrained IT departments handling large-scale deployments on a daily basis.

  • Automate user life cycle management for creating, updating, and deleting users
  • Organize users into groups for easier administration
  • Move users between groups for role or department changes
  • Apply bulk changes to different users and user groups at once

User Groups and Roles

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