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Over 1.2 billion people, devices, and machines are already connected!

A Global Access Network architected for our More-Faster-Now world

Giving your enterprise the geographical reach it needs so it can perform from anywhere Download PDF
  • In 100+ Data Centers Worldwide
  • Highly redundant Master Data Centers for DR Fail-over
  • State-of-the-Art IT Infrastructure
  • Meeting all ISO Data Center Certification requirements
  • Infinitely scalable architecture
  • Distributed network architecture on all continents for low latency
  • A decentralized Data Center model ideal for IoT projects
  • Partnership with top DC providers is designed for speed
Global TeamViewer IDs

TeamViewer enterprise solutions

Simplicity and versatility are the foundations on which our enterprise solutions are built. Everything we invent is designed to be as simple as possible.
How can I...
  • Simplify collaboration across my company to one click for teleconferencing, meetings, video calls, and chats
  • Integrate TeamViewer into my enterprise helpdesk, ticketing and CRM systems, and mobile apps
  • Connect 10,000 devices quickly, regardless of location and time zone
  • Make instant support available without any installation, costly expertise, or complex administration
  • Create comprehensive root-cause reporting simply and easily for who did what, when, and for how long
  • Enable permanent unattended access anywhere to servers, devices, and machines

Identity Provider Connection – Early Access

TeamViewer 13 Enterprise customers can request early access to the identity provider connection feature.

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TeamViewer enterprise
TeamViewer enterprise
TeamViewer QuickSupport & QuickJoin
QuickSupport & QuickJoin
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TeamViewer Host
TeamViewer Host
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TeamViewer mobile apps
TeamViewer mobile apps
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Blizz – meetings and online collaboration
Blizz – meetings and online collaboration
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ITbrain - remote device management
ITbrain - remote device management
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Monitis - website, apps & network monitoring
Monitis - website, apps & network monitoring
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The Global Workspace™

Work is not defined by a place but by how well you are connected!
Learn why businesses are choosing TeamViewer to build enterprise class Global Workspaces instead of VPNs to save money and achieve greater business reach.
The Global Workspace (PDF)
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Instant Enterprise-class connectivity, security and scalability for all

With a TeamViewer global workspace, there are no connectivity limits or infrastructure costs. The burden of ownership is carried by us. You simply connect. We take care of the rest.


Immediate payback and return on investment

From the moment you deploy TeamViewer, you can count the savings available to fund other important business growth projects.


Better employee engagement

Companies are continually looking for innovative ways to improve employee engagement. A global workspace created through TeamViewer provides the necessary flexibility to work from anywhere.

Enterprise security and privacy, at scale

Our unique benefits come without any security compromises. Customers love the proven security they instantly get with our products, without all the costs of ownership and expertise requirements.
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TeamViewer includes encryption based on 2048 RSA private/public key exchange and AES (256 bit) session encryption. This technology is based on the same standards as https/SSL and meets today’s standards for security. The key exchange also guarantees full client-to-client data protection. This means that even our routing serves are not able to read the data stream.

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Code signature

All program files are secured using VeriSign code signing technology. This allows you to verify the origin of the executables you have received.

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Access protection

In addition to the Partner ID, TeamViewer generates a session password that changes with every software start to provide additional security against unauthorized access to a remote system. Security functions like file transfer require additional, manual confirmation from the remote partner. It is also not possible to invisibly control a computer. For data protection reasons, the user has to be able to detect when someone is accessing the machine.


Two-factor authentication

TeamViewer assists companies with their HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements. Two-factor authentication adds an additional security layer to protect accounts from unauthorized access. With two-factor authentication, a code generated on a mobile device is needed, in addition to a username and password, in order to sign in to a TeamViewer account. The code is generated via the time-based one-time password (TOTP) algorithm.

Monitor mobile device

Trusted Devices

The TeamViewer Trusted Device measure gives our customers even more protection and helps to prevent anyone else from accessing the account. This feature ensures that, whenever an existing TeamViewer account attempts to sign in on any given device for the first time, we ask to confirm the new device as trusted before signing in. An in-app notification requests approval to the device via a link sent to the account’s email address.

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Master white list

All users managed under a company profile in the TeamViewer Management Console can be added to the white list. Thanks to the possibility of adding the entire company to a white list, new hires and departures can be handled much more easily. By adding or deactivating the respective user account in the company profile, all changes are automatically updated and then applied to every device to which the master white list is assigned.

Lock round

Enforced password reset

The system continuously determines if a TeamViewer account shows unusual behavior (e.g. access from a new location) that might suggest it has been compromised. When that’s the case, to safeguard data integrity, TeamViewer accounts are marked for an enforced password reset. An email with instructions to reset your password is then sent from TeamViewer.

The TeamViewer Software Security Statement

Based on the information in this document, you’ll get a detailed picture of TeamViewer's security posture before deploying the software.

Download PDF
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SOC Reports

Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC2) is a reporting framework for service organizations to report on non-financial internal controls for the five Trusted Service Principles (TSP). These principles include system security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

HIPAA Compliance Seal
HIPAA Compliance

TeamViewer provides remote access, remote support, and online collaboration capabilities with the level of security and privacy necessary for organizations to remain HIPAA compliant.


Learn how we are helping astronauts on the International Space Station stay healthy
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Imagine if...
  • You could identify a potential product failure before it happens – monitor and take action before the fact
  • You could create a service model to sell your products as a service (PaaS) – develop a product service catalogue
  • You could understand how your customers are using your products better – collect operational data for analytics
  • You could remotely control devices and machines in the field – Improve processes and keep people out of danger
“IoT is an evolution driven by pioneers, and everyday, we are helping them connect what has never been connected before.”

- Oliver Steil, CEO TeamViewer

Hyperconnecting technologies to improve the world
Discover how our customers are connecting simply everything.
IconPoints of sale Points of sale

Managing a store and taking care of IT problems during peak times can be quite challenging for frontline workers. Having to deal with frustrated customers queuing up when systems are down not only stresses your workforce, it also has a direct and immediate impact on daily, in-store revenue. This is why several companies and big chains have decided to enable immediate support by preinstalling TeamViewer on PoS systems.

IconCNC machines CNC machines

It’s all about precision. To keep its 5-axis swivel-head laser machines in constant production, a market leader in Laser Tube Cutting Systems is using a slew of TeamViewer product features. Multiple technicians from any location can simultaneously monitor, control, and troubleshoot any device while staying in constant touch through audio and video.

IconEngine tuning Engine tuning

Innovators at an Australian company are using TeamViewer to take engine performance tuning to a whole new level. Instead of relying on just a few Mechatronic Engineers to get the best results, they are tapping into the cumulative experience of engineers all over the world to achieve maximum engine performance at low cost.

IconSmart TVs Smart TVs

Sometimes, the complexity of modern entertainment systems means that users could require external help. Several TV manufacturers have decided to preinstall the TeamViewer QuickSupport app for remote support on their systems. Find out why someone might need remote support app on a TV.

IconIrrigation Irrigation

In regions with a vast countryside, like the United States, Brazil, or even Denmark, managing irrigation can be quite challenging for town and county administrations. Their primary challenge is to ensure that neither too little nor too much water gets distributed into the ground. With TeamViewer, Varde Commune in Denmark avoids unnecessarily wasting water resources by remotely training farmers on how to best use their irrigation systems.

IconSmart Farms Smart Farms

Ever since the digital revolution really started to impact agriculture, the industry has massively transformed. The modern farmer needs to combine traditional knowledge of agriculture with an understanding of complex data analytics and familiarity with precision farming. To help master this challenge, it is now possible to remotely support farmers in the field.

IconTelescopes Telescopes

Numerous hobby astronomers all over the world are using TeamViewer to remote into their telescopes. Some of those hobbyists like to stay in the warmth of their cozy living rooms while connecting to telescopes in their backyards. Others remotely control their telescopes for more essential reasons such as health-related issues. Our most prominent telescope user is most certainly Professor Stephen Hawking, who has received a customized solution from Celestron telescopes.

IconMicroscopes Microscopes

Peering through a microscope and looking for details, clues, and answers has always been a one-at-a-time activity. Using TeamViewer, a manufacturer of computerized microscopes has now transformed the microscope into a sharable platform. Laboratory technicians, medical scientists, and even renowned specialists can be instantly connected from anywhere to confer and reach consensus concurrently.

IconSmart Glasses Smart Glasses

With the increased use of complex technology in basically every industry, technical staff are sometimes overstrained with the systems they manage. External help from an expert is often required. Several smart-glass manufacturers have partnered with TeamViewer and integrated the app into their glasses. Whenever necessary, workers now easily receive detailed instructions from a specialist.

IconFish Farms Fish Farms

A world-leading aquaculture company has deployed TeamViewer to remotely control and manage its salmon farms in the wild North Atlantic Ocean. The company has greatly improved production efficiency and is now better able to keep its staff out of any unnecessary danger caused by adverse weather conditions and potential nighttime occupational hazards when farming at sea.

IconFitness Machines Fitness Machines

When delivering tens of thousands of high-end fitness machines annually, it can be difficult to know how they are all performing at any one time. A global fitness company is keeping its promise of “greater partnership” to its customers by always keeping an eye on every machine. Using TeamViewer, the company can proactively monitor and support its customers’ machines and keep everything running and fit for life.

Near instant return on investment
Our global access network is hyperconnectivity ready – Scale does not have to cost the world.


Complexity with scale

  • Decrease complexity
  • Increase speed
  • Lower cost
Learn how our customers are connecting at scale and enjoying a near instant return on investment.
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