You can use image, audio, and video assets in your workflows.

Adding assets to your workflow

You can add assets to your workflow in Frontline Creator using the Media Resource panel on the left.

The following file formats are allowed:

  • JPEG and PNG for images
  • WAV, MP3, and OGG for audio content
  • MP4 for video content

Using assets in UI templates

In order to use an asset in your UI templates, drag-and-drop the asset from the Media Resource panel to the desired template.

Using assets in components

  1. Open the component in advanced mode and navigate to the part of your code where the asset should be used.
  2. In the file explorer on the left, there are entries for your image, audio, and video assets. You can add new assets by right-clicking on the appropriate section and selecting the Add... option.
  3. Add the asset to the code by drag-and-dropping it from the file explorer. It will be added to your code in the form of an §{filename.fileending}§ tag that will then be converted into the correct resource link.