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Sys Admin Appreciation Day – the Top Ten Helpdesk Calls

July 26, 2019 commemorates system administrators – the ever-helpful and handy IT experts all over the world. TeamViewer talked with its helpdesk experts this year and uncovered some of the top ten queries that IT support deals with daily.


Goppingen July 26, 2019 – When the monitor suddenly goes dark, the printer malfunctions, or the login simply does not work, the system administrators are always there to save the day – they are the invisible helpers and the rescuers in case of emergencies. For the past 19 years, their contributions towards easing our daily work life have been celebrated every last Friday in July. Hence this year’s ” System Administrator Appreciation Day ” on Friday, July 26th. To honor all the indispensable work of the system administrators, TeamViewer today throws some light on some of the most frequent issues that colleagues raise daily at work, prompting the IT specialists for assistance.

The top ten helpdesk queries in 2019

1. My account is blocked / I can’t log in
Everyone knows that minute when your PC only shows the lock screen after the third login attempt and the telephone conference starts in five minutes, and out of the blue you are suddenly in dire need of help – and fast. In that very minute, a quick password reset often saves the morning/day. You might want to know, the common cause for incorrect password entries: the caps lock key is activated.

2. The dark screen even when you turn on the monitor
This usually calls for detective work. First of all, has the screen really been turned on? Yes? When that is ruled out, the IT Admin starts the cryptic trace search. Often a defective cable or a loose plug is the reason for the malfunction. A hardware replacement can quickly remedy the problem.

3. Why can’t I install Software X?
Everyone has been faced with this before – that enigmatic software that you so easily installed at home, but simply can’t install at work – why is that? The helpdesk is usually confronted with this “simple” request. Then the sermon begins – the IT admins would need delve into detailed explanation about access rights, security guidelines and compliance until the colleagues get the drift and understands why he simply cannot install every software he has on his home PC on a work PC without prior consultation.
When these details have been clarified, a remote installation can be carried out quickly. Or maybe the IT admin even has a better software he can recommend.

4. My laptop/PC is so slow. Can I get a faster device?
Many companies have a certain hardware replacement cycle. However, there are some special cases which require an exception and requests can be made via demand management. But before that is done, often a careful scrutiny of the system can unveil the root cause of the problem. In some cases, the this can be remedied by quickly eradicating some software issues with just a few clicks. Another cause could be, for example, programs that are automatically running in the background when the PC reboots. It might help to clean out and uninstall software that is no longer needed.

5. I need access to system X
This usually calls for a quizzical “What do you need it for” from the IT experts. Very often, due to security and data protection reasons, access to certain systems, services or storage locations can only be granted to certain employees. To be on the safe side, new user access must first be discussed and granted by the responsible authority.

6. I’m about to have a presentation in meeting room 100, how does the equipment work?
Such spur-of-the-moment and unspecific requests can be unnecessary time wasters if the “equipment” in question is not clear. This all-encompassing term covers all technical equipment, from the mobile hotspot, to the connection cable for the beamer, to the smartboard. More concrete questions and less elusive demands will help the IT admin resolve the issue, without looking for the “needle in the haystack”.

7. We have a new colleague. Can you prepare everything for him?
One of the standard tasks for IT is to provide the technical equipment and access for new employees. As uncomplicated as this request may sound, it will be tough to fulfill this request without the right details such as name, and above all the role of the new employee in the company. All this information needs to be handed to IT, so hardware, user account and system and service access can be set up according to the access guidelines, so that everything is ready for the first working day.

8. I need device X for an appointment with a client. Where do I get it?
It could be a mobile hotspot or a laptop with special software that is required to facilitate discussions with a client. For that, IT’s treasure chest filled with all sorts of hardware can rescue colleagues. Another option they also fall back on, is procuring the equipment in consultation with relevant departments. Prerequisite: Tell them well ahead of time!

9. Help! The printer, program X or device Y no longer works!
Every colleague can lend a hand to help get a problem solved rather quickly, by providing additional information that will point directly to the problem area. Be it a screenshot of the error message, or a short description of what you did before the error occurred or simply the information whether the PC has already been restarted, these are important pointers for the IT admin. And this in itself saves the IT admin the hassle of generic troubleshooting and he can resolve the issue more quickly.

10. My team needs to move. How can we get this done?
Sending timely requests of this sort to the IT department will ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. This means, the IT department has to clarify the details of the move and then ensures that the necessary hardware is available, that all connections and system accesses are working and that the users have been entered correctly so that everything runs smoothly on the due date. For IT to be that “smooth operator” who ensures that there is little or no business interruption, it means big moves have to be handled during post-office hours – either in the night shift or over the weekend.

“We do handle many more additional tasks, that go unnoticed by most colleagues, for example infrastructural work and maintenance of networks, telephones, servers, services or storage. We operate data centers, put sites into operation, take care of backups, disaster recovery, eliminate security gaps, negotiate with suppliers, update software and licenses and maintain systems,” says Markus Wenzel, Director IT Infrastructure at TeamViewer. “We do all this to keep operations running and to increase the productivity of our colleagues.”

One of the most important tools for IT support is a software that enables problems to be solved quickly, easily, efficiently and regardless of location. TeamViewer therefore offers the right solution for all IT administrators – from private support for the family to small and medium-sized businesses to the enterprise solution TeamViewer Tensor and TeamViewer Remote Management for general hardware and software management including backup functionality and endpoint protection.

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