Optimizing Hospital Processes with TeamViewer

January 22, 2024

When thinking about IT support, many people think of the IT industry as a somehow separate entity, but IT is an integral part of nearly every industry today. As such, TeamViewer is used by companies and institutions from nearly every imaginable sector.

For example, hospitals have found that TeamViewer can be an essential tool for enhancing internal processes such as the administration of their internal computer networks.

The Red Cross Hospital of Córdoba chose TeamViewer as their main remote support tool as, like many other hospitals, they were facing the challenge of reducing costs while maintaining the quality and effectiveness of their healthcare services.

In search of a secure and stable remote support solution

Located in southern Spain, the Red Cross Hospital of Córdoba has provided medical services since 1933. With a staff of 250 professionals, the hospital’s computer network consists of more than 100 computers, and the administration of such a network can be quite challenging.

It is not just the number of computers within the network that represents a challenge though. The special nature of the hospital is that it is open around the clock every single day. This means the need for continuous information flow. Due to this requirement and combined with steady growth, the hospital faced a situation in which their internal processes needed to be optimized.

The hospital’s technical support team started looking for a secure, stable tool that would enable them to provide IT support to their health professionals efficiently and in real time as problems occur.

Prior to selecting TeamViewer, the support team tested another remote support tool that was more complex and less efficient. After testing the other solution, the support team decided to give TeamViewer a try, and they were immediately convinced of its ease of use and simplicity.

Streamlining hospital processes

With TeamViewer, the support team has been able to provide continuous IT support to the hospital staff, which has enabled the staff, in turn, to concentrate on providing quality healthcare instead of dealing with IT issues. TeamViewer has also helped the support team by enabling them to work from a centralized location. This saves time and resources while also creating a knowledge pool to solve issues even more quickly.

The support team can even provide support when they are not in the office. According to the IT Manager of the hospital, José Antonia Alcaraz, TeamViewer has become a valuable tool for the hospital. “TeamViewer has streamlined processes and facilitated IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is essential for a hospital”.

To read the whole story about using TeamViewer to optimize internal IT processes at the hospital Cruz Roja, take a look at the full case study.

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