AGCO fendt 2016


Improved Quality Assurance at AGCO Fendt

With smart glasses and our xBand in combination with TeamViewer Frontline solutions xPick and xMake the agricultural machine builder is improving processes.

Initial Situation

At their plant in Asbach-Bäumenheim, AGCO Fendt is manufacturing the driver’s cabs of their different tractor models. Within the current warehouse system, a lot of time was spent for picking. Scanning and localizing the needed items during the picking process took up precious time. Because of media breaks and paper based inspection plans the ability to react dynamically on quality issues were limited.

Choosing TeamViewer Frontline was the right decision for further innovating our logistics. Their picking solutions allow us to offer an even more perfect product to our customers by at the same time leaner operations!

Franz Josef Fackler, Supply Chain Manager AGCO Fendt

Business Challenge

Following lean manufacturing principles, the guideline for the setup was to minimize the scan and search time within the existing logistics processes. Both, speed and accuracy need to be enhanced by reducing the error rate as well as tracing the material’s positions, in order to guarantee a seamless line feed.

A new workflow editor needed to be introduced, in order to enhance the inspection process of the driver’s cabs. To meet the requirements for a successful inspection, the quality managers need to be able to activate an end of line quality inspections plan more dynamically.

TeamViewer Frontline Solution

TeamViewer Frontline successfully implemented the hands-free Vision Picking solution xPick and by that improved efficiency and usability of the new warehouse system. Simultaneously, the TeamViewer Frontline solution xMake guarantees a high quality end-of-line inspection process. By requesting the workers to confirm different test points and to enter occurring error codes via Glass, the correct assembly of the driver’s cabs is assured. Quality managers can, furthermore, apply correction measures based on the provided dynamic live statistics and inspection reports covering error classifications and images of the end of line inspections. Both TeamViewer Frontline solutions use Glass (with intuitive graphical and color scheme User Interface). For the Vision Picking the smart glasses are used in combination with the TeamViewer Frontline xBand. Our multi-sensor RFID wristband confirms the picking steps and, consequently, eliminates time-consuming scanning process completely.

Convincing Benefits

The combination of smart glasses with RFID wristbands improved efficiency and usability of the new system by adding color schemes, graphical display of shelve structures through the wearables. The overall objective to improve efficiency and to secure the processes were met. Providing the quality managers an integrated tool to secure the end of line cabine inspection process has enabled a faster and more flexible line fit assembly process.







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