Blue Sky Solar Racing

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Blue Sky Solar Racing

Full-time engineering students collaborate to build solar vehicles from scratch

Andrew Maksymowsky, Systems Administrator and Student

“…in terms of productivity bonuses, it’s the fact that we can work pretty much 24/7 on these tools from wherever we want to.”

Since 1996, Blue Sky Solar Racing has been a student-led team within the engineering Department of the University of Toronto that designs and builds solar-powered cars to compete in races around the world.

Building a new car is a massive undertaking for the students, who — often for the first time — are tasked with putting in practice what they have so far only read about in textbooks. Students from the electrical, mechanical, and computer subsets of engineering learn to collaborate together as a team and overcome various daily obstacles.


  • Collaborate on complex engineering projects
  • Access CAD designs and tools remotely to demonstrate or make changes
  • Monitor vehicle performance in real time to make improvements on the fly


TeamViewer plays a dual role in its involvement with Blue Sky Solar Racing: as a co-sponsor, it contributes to the team’s logistical and traveling expenses related to the yearly race; as a software provider, it allows Blue Sky to remotely access the systems and tools used in the design process, as well as the vehicles itself, through an IoT solution.

Members of Blue Sky Solar Racing use TeamViewer during offsite meetings to access CAD designs remotely or work from different locations; interdepartmental collaboration is increased by instant access to shared resources from anywhere, and the real-time sensor data provided by the Raspberry Pi/TeamViewer IoT solution means that technicians, engineers, and designers are able to access, troubleshoot, and tweak — no matter where they are.

Through countless hours of hard work, sleepless nights, and smart use of technology, the arduous task of building a solar-powered vehicle from scratch is made just a little easier — meaning that the dedicated students of today and tomorrow can hope to keep the program going for at least another 23 years into the future.

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