Jyske Bank

Customer Success Story

Jyske Bank

How a Danish bank streamlines client services in a fast-growing online channel by using a highly secure remote access solution

Knud Albrechtsen, IT Administrator

We are able to log the sessions, which is important for legal purposes, as it means we can show exactly when we were logged on to their system and what we did. This protects us and gives the customer total peace of mind.

In addition to exceeding customers’ expectations and boosting its brand perception, Jyske Bank is now able to service more customers in a fraction of the time by boosting internal productivity and efficiency.


  • Fast-growing online channel had increased the bank’s support burden
  • Customer downtime risks client satisfaction due to delayed personal banking transactions
  • Transformed support scenario requires high security to protect sensitive data


TeamViewer provides an efficient, intuitive, and highly secure remote support tool, enabling the rapid resolution of customers’ online banking issues and leading to improved customer satisfaction. Up to 80% of the bank’s customers use the Jyske Netbank internet service with full confidence that their personal data is safe.

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