Customer Success Story


Substantial cost reduction through remote customer support

Toru Omata, Customer Support Group Manager Nifty

TeamViewer has saved our management cost substantially and it has been very well received by our customer service team for its ease of use and setup.

NIFTY provides internet connection services including LTE highspeed data communications and audio communication services as well as fiber optic communications and high-speed mobile access.


  • Correctly asses customer issues and solve them swiftly through remote access
  • Easy to set up and easy to use
  • Decrease customer costs by 80% or 90%


NIFTY receives as many as a few thousand inquiries every month from its customers about their internet connection and solves their issues using TeamViewer remote access software. By correctly understanding customer problems and solving them immediately with TeamViewer, it has increased the level of customer satisfaction and the number of resolved cases.

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