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Rural Development Administration Korea

Identifying cattle‘s time of ovulation via smartphone by using TeamViewer

Hyunju Jin, Agricultural Researcher (PhD) of the Technical Assistance Division at the Korean National Institute of Animal Science

TeamViewer has been evaluated as a remote control software that is expected to create the greatest effect when it becomes implemented in stock farms due to its easy-to-use feature-set and high reliability. In fact, the income of agricultural households has increased as TeamViewer was introduced into the system.

The Rural Development Administration(RDA) is an agency under the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs that is responsible for experimental research, enlightenment, and technology diffusion regarding agrarian improvement.


  • Farmers have to observe and identify the ovulation time of cattle in person
  • If farmers mistime the ovulation, they have to wait another 21 days.


Developing an ovulation timing recognition system based on the cattle’s behavior – identifying the ovulation timing of Korean native cattle (Hanwoo) and dairy cattle.

TeamViewer helps to identify the ovulation timing of cattle via remote control – leading to an increase in pregnancy rates from 70% to 95% via artificial fertilization at the right time.

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