Customer Success Story


Improving manufacturing machinery uptime

Martin Schäfer, Application Engineer, WENZEL

You can instantly see what is going on on your partner’s computer, which errors occurred, and accordingly, resolve them in real time.

WENZEL focuses on providing quality machinery, with an emphasis on precision. Their customers expect to be able to produce products of the highest quality. In developing their new dedicated control panel for their machines, WENZEL wanted the ability to offer remote assistance to their customers to reduce downtime due to configuration or technical issues.


  • Ability to fully operate the remote machine via the control panel
  • Gain immediate clarity on what task is needed to resolve the issue
  • Easy for their customers to use


WENZEL worked closely with TeamViewer during the development of their new control panel to enable the user-friendly, fast, and comprehensive remote access required to take over all maintenance tasks, enabling their customers to benefit from improved performance of their machines.

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